"Hoosiers soon to be at ‘the crossroads’ of sustainability" by Ross Reagan


What do you do when scientific evidence suggests that we have just a couple decades left before the earth’s ecosystem is in severe jeopardy? What do you do if you’ve lectured on this for years, but audiences didn’t take action?

Robert Davies is a man of action, so he brought in a composer, a string quartet, a painter, sculptor and landscape photographer to prove his point. He curated the Crossroads Project in 2012, and since then it’s been traveling across the world. It’s a performance that combines scientific logic elevated through art to educate audiences on the environment and how our behaviors need to be adjusted and reimagined for a sustainable future. It’s being presented by IUPUI’s Arts and Humanities “Entanglement Series” this week at the Indiana Historical Society.

That sounds like a mouthful, but the goal of the project is to simply make people think about how their actions are affecting our ecosystem. Through music and art, audiences are inspired in a more instinctual sense . . . . (continued in the Indy Star)