Jason M. Kelly Consulting, LLC is a research, evaluation, planning, and design firm that specializes in the arts and cultural sectors. Our team of talented researchers in the social sciences and humanities provides our clients with the expertise necessary for planning, implementing, and evaluating their arts and cultural programs. 

Research Areas

  • Arts Education and Program Development

  • Public Art and Creative Placemaking

  • Exhibition and Public Program Design

  • Historical Research for Museums, Film, Television, Radio



  • Needs Assessment

  • Cultural Programming Development

  • Logic Model and Theory of Change Development

  • Evaluation Plan Development and Implementation

  • Process, Outcome, and Impact Evaluations

  • Field Scans

  • Surveys

  • Focus Groups and Interviews

  • Reporting

  • Historical Consulting

  • Research Ethics Consulting

Case Study: Co-Curricular Online Arts & Cultural Programs Study

In 2016, The Arts Council of Indianapolis sought a team to 1) research arts education delivery and communication systems; and, 2) identify national models and best practices to assist arts organizations in engaging with teachers and schools; provide information and resources to teachers seeking teaching artists and arts programming; and augment in-school learning opportunities through technology for pre- and post-field trip experiences. The three components of this study were 1) analysis and recommendations for a Web Portal; 2) exploration of best practices of Virtual Delivery methods (both content and technology) that assist educators to utilize field trip opportunities for students to extend learning; and, 3) evaluation of the readiness of local arts organizations to implement web-based program delivery.

Our team, Jason M. Kelly, Fiona P. McDonald, and Elizabeth Danter developed a mixed methods approach that included national and local field scans; a literature review; and surveys, interviews, and focus groups with national and local arts organizations and teachers. Click below to read the final report. 



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