Meeting Etiquette for Students: 10 Tips for both School and Work


These are ten simple ideas that will go a long way in making you a more organized and productive student (and impress your professors and employers).

  1. Bring paper and a pen to every meeting.  This is a pet peeve of many, many faculty and employers.
  2. Take notes while in meetings.  You will not remember everything later.
  3. Do not use social media in a meeting.  Put away your iPhone and focus on the person or people with whom you are speaking.
  4. Dialogue, don’t monologue.  When engaging in casual conversation, always be sure to ask about other people’s interests and avoid the trap of talking too much about yourself.  Remember, you can learn a lot from others.
  5. Whenever possible, schedule meetings at least a week ahead and use your institution’s shared, online calendar system.
  6. Keep meetings productive by having a specific set of items or problems that you would like to discuss.
  7. Never leave a meeting without a clear understanding of “next steps”.  Make sure to have a clear timeline for the completion of a project.
  8. If you do not understand something, ask immediately for clarification.
  9. Respectfully listen to other people’s ideas.  Even if you disagree, you might learn something.  If you like another person’s idea, be sure to let them know.


If you have some more suggestions, please add them in the Comments section.