Frankenstein and the Year without a Summer

This year, Indiana Humanities has curated a selection of talks by experts in the sciences and humanities on various themes related to Frankenstein. As one of the individuals on the "Frankenstein Speakers Bureau," I am giving talks on "Frankenstein and the Year without a Summer." Here is the abstract:

In this presentation, Dr. Kelly weaves together the histories of science, art, literature and politics to tell a global story about Mary Shelley’s masterpiece. Moving from the battlefields of Napoleonic Europe to the volcanoes of the Pacific to the riverbanks of the Yangtze to the farmlands of North America, attendees will see how Frankenstein reveals close ties between these seemingly disparate places and they will learn how the world within the novel is itself a product of these global connections.

A number of people have asked for access to my slide deck, so that they can go back and read some of the primary documents that I talked about. So, here it is!