Early Modern Network Ontologies


Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh Over the past two days (22-23 November 2014), I attended the Early Modern Network Ontologies Workshop in Pittsburgh.  The workshop, organized by Drew Armstrong, Alison Langmead, and Christopher Warren, focused on developing a prototype metadata structure for linked open data in projects involving historical research.  This framework would need to be flexible enough to respond to the needs of projects as diverse as Mapping the Republic of Letters, Itinera, Connecting the Dots, and Six Degrees of Francis Bacon -- which were represented by Dan Edelstein (Mapping the Republic of Letters); Drew Armstrong and Alison Langmead (Itinera); Daniel Shore, Christopher Warren, and Jessica Otis (Six Degrees of Francis Bacon); Mark Custer and Susan Pyzynski (Connecting the Dots).

Among the possible approaches that we discussed were OWL, FOAF, RDF, and EAC-CPF.  The discussion was incredibly productive, so stay tuned to the Early Modern Network Ontologies website for project reports. In the meantime, I've Storified the Twitter feed from the workshop.