J495: Senior Capstone Seminar

This course is the senior-level capstone for undergraduate history majors at IUPUI.  This is a reading and research intensive course that requires students to draw on all of the knowledge that they have acquired as undergraduates.  This course guides students through the many steps that it takes to complete a 25-page research paper.  And, in so doing, it not only teaches disciplinary-oriented research techniques and methodologies, but it trains students in project management, logic, and writing skills, which are applicable across disciplines.

This course focuses on eighteenth-century British history.  The online primary sources for this period and place are particularly rich, and students will learn about the many resources available to them.  For students who have little background in eighteenth-century British history, a series of readings and discussions will bring them up-to-speed so that they can formulate quality research questions.

At the end of this course, students will produce a high quality 25-page research paper, grounded in primary sources and relevant to current historiographical problems.  This course will improve written and verbal skills, their cultural understanding, and their organizational proficiency.

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